Did You Know that Many Colostrum Supplements Are Diluted With Up To 80% Skim-Milk Powder?

Colostrum SupplementEnjoy The MIP Colostrum Difference

Maxi Immuno Plus (MIP) Colostrum is 100% pure and undiluted New Zealand Colostrum which means you get much better and faster results. MIP Colostrum harvested from New Zealand dairy cows is independently regarded as the finest in the world, free from pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic hormones. New Zealand dairy cows are farmed in natural healthy conditions the whole year round. Strict New Zealand quality standards ensure the very latest product quality controls.

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Quality Costs Less

Many other bovine Colostrum products are diluted with up to 80% skim-milk powder, use a high-pressure process or overheat the Colostrum in the manufacturing process so that important fragile bio-components are destroyed. Because MIP Colostrum is 100% pure and undiluted you get significant better results and only need a small amount per day rather than up to four times more that other products require. The premium quality of our product means you use less and save more!

Quality costs less and brings you better results.

Enhanced Biological Activity

A unique energizing process enhances our MIP pure colostrum supplements to ensure optimal biological activity.

Integrity and Results From New Zealand Colostrum Suppliers

We've been shipping MIP New Zealand Colostrum supplements to over 125 different countries for 12 years and have thousands of satisfied repeat customers. You order with Confidence!

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When you buy colostrum products from us today you can save between $5.50 and $17 per bottle off the retail price.

Remember, because our colostrum is premium quality you can use a smaller amount than other colostrum products and save more in the long run.

Choose from Colostrum Capsules or Colostrum Powder.


Colostrum SupplementColostrum Capsules

MIP Colostrum Capsules: 90 capsules @ 500mg pure undiluted Maxi Immuno Plus Colostrum per bottle.

Serving Size: 1-2 MIP Colostrum Capsules daily, with a glass of water 20 minutes before food. In sport, for maximum benefit, take an additional 2 capsules MIP Colostrum directly after sport/exercise.

Our Discount Prices on Colostrum Capsules

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1 Bottle US$38.00 11%
3 Bottle Family Pack US$96.00 25%
6 Bottle Jumbo Pack US$170.00 33%

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Colostrum SupplementColostrum Powder

Each bottle contains 80g pure, undiluted Maxi Immuno Plus Colostrum powder.

Serving Size: Mix 1 tsp MIP Colostrum Powder with half glass lukewarm water until dissolved.
MIP Colostrum Powder can be applied to gums in cases of sensitive teeth, mouth sores and to gargle by inflamed and soar throat. For minor cuts, abrasions or irritable skin conditions sprinkle MIP Colostrum Powder directly to skin area.

Our Discount Prices on Colostrum Powder

Option Price You Save  
1 Bottle US$38.00 11%
3 Bottle Family Pack US$96.00 25%
6 Bottle Jumbo Pack US$170.00 33%

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